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Hearing loss happens gradually, and can begin at any age. For this reason, many people may be suffering from hearing loss and not even realize it, making it harder and harder to recognize that a problem even exists. Our hearing care specialists make it easy and painless for hearing loss sufferers to take control of their conditions as early as possible with by providing a free online hearing test.

Hearing problems are not just a concern for seniors. Noise-induced hearing loss can start to affect people as early as their twenties, and hearing damage from exposure to workplace noises can happen in a matter of weeks. If you have ever asked someone to repeat himself, missed whole portions of conversations, or leaned over to say “what?” several times per day, you may have developed mild hearing loss. Our online hearing test can get you started down the path to hearing correction.

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This test was intended to help patients understand which noises and speech sounds they may not be able to hear and to give them an idea of just how much of the world around them they could be missing. The test can be taken in the privacy of your own home and can be completed in under ten minutes. You will need to sit in a quiet room in your house in front of a computer with the sound turned on. We recommend using headphones for the test, as it allows us to test your hearing in both ears, but if you do not have headphones, a good pair of speakers will also work. If you wear a hearing aid, you should remove it during testing.

Although this test is not meant to replace an in-office exam by a hearing care professional, it can give you a better idea of how your condition is affecting your daily life. Simply fill out the short form below and click the button when you are ready to start the test. The test is free and your results are free, so get started now!

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