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Our Specialists Will Evaluate Your Hearing With a Free Screening

The first signs of hearing loss are easily ignored. You may be asking people to repeat themselves a little more often, or you may find that you need the volume of the TV turned up more than others in the room. Lately, however, you notice companions and colleagues becoming annoyed with you and you feel like you’re missing out on key bits of conversation. If this is the case for you, it’s time to schedule a FREE hearing screening at one of our convenient Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas offices.

Hearing Screening

Poor Hearing Is More Than Just an Inconvenience

Many people put off correcting hearing loss because they don’t want to admit they have a disability or they feel it’s a sign of aging they’re not ready to accept. What people need to understand, however, is that correcting hearing loss early can prevent other symptoms of aging and that, with correction, their hearing won’t be a disability at all. The dangers of not correcting hearing loss are very real and include the following:

  • Balance problems. Hearing plays an important role in balance. As you walk, your ears pick up subtle clues about your environment that help with balance. People with hearing loss are at a greater risk of falling and, as you age, falls can be very dangerous.
  • Social isolation. The inability to follow conversations or others’ being bothered by your request to repeat the conversation often lead to people with hearing loss choosing to avoid social situations. Social isolation over time can lead to loneliness as well as a decreased feeling of vitality, less energy, feeling tired more often, and even depression.
  • Relationship problems. Even our most loving friends and family members can lose patience and become frustrated when they are not understood and have to repeat themselves. This conflict can be a barrier in maintaining positive relationships.
  • Dementia. Brain scans of patients with hearing loss show troubling signs of brain atrophy. This, coupled with the tendency towards social isolation, contribute to increased risk of dementia in people with hearing loss. In fact, people with severe hearing impairment are five times more likely to suffer from dementia than those with no hearing loss.

All of these risk factors can be avoided with a simple hearing screening and follow-up appointment to determine the best remedy. In the meantime, get to know our hearing professionals and take a look at testimonials from our current patients.

What Can I Expect at the Screening?

When you meet with one of our friendly, professional hearing care specialists, he or she will explain every part of the screening so that you are comfortable with the process. During the test, you will sit in a soundproof room as the specialist tests various frequencies and volumes of sounds. He or she will then go over your results and you will be free to ask any questions.

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