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Try Our 10 Day Challenge!

Have you noticed that it is becoming more and more difficult to follow conversations, and that you are constantly adjusting the volume of your television or radio? If so, you are not alone. Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, many of whom have not yet noticed that their hearing has deteriorated.
Hearing loss is a very personal matter, and many people who have noticed a decline in their hearing health are reluctant to seek treatment. Unfortunately, hearing loss is not something that gets better over time, and without proper attention your hearing is likely to deteriorate even further. 

New Mexico: Now is the Time to Take Control of Your Hearing Health!

It can be intimidating to take the first step in addressing your hearing loss, but Premier Hearing Center wants to help. If you have wondered what life with a real hearing solution could sound like, Premier Hearing Center has your answer in the 10 Day Challenge.
How does it work? Just call us and set up an appointment—qualified candidate will receive a free hearing consultation, and may be fitted with Dream Micro hearing aids. This cutting-edge technology is easy to use, practically invisible, and 100% digital, which mean that you will once again hear the world around you with intense, real-world clarity.
What’s the catch? There is no catch—just wear these hearing aids for 10 days at no charge. If you don’t like them, there is no obligation to buy. We are confident that after 10 days of being engaged in life’s rich tapestry of sounds, however, that you will want to know more.
Stop wondering about better hearing and start dreaming for free—with the Dream Micro, that is! Fill out the form below today and one of our professionals will contact you very soon to schedule your free consultation for the 10 Day Challenge.

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• Taos
• Los Alamos
• Rio Rancho


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