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Many people in our local community suffer from hearing loss. Loss of hearing can be associated with congenital disorders, illness, age or injury. However, regardless of the source of hearing loss, Premier Hearing Center is available to help people who suffer from diminished hearing. Hearing loss patients deserve more from an auditory care provider. They should receive the best of auditory education, technological advancements and patient care.

To help Premier Hearing Center patients receive the best service, we offer an award-winning video that provides important information about hearing loss. The video reviews the types of hearing aids that are currently available to hearing loss patients. Nowadays, patients can choose from a wide selection of hearing aids, which are available in various discreet sizes. Many modern hearing aids are difficult to discern. Some even fit deep inside the ear canal of the patient.

Premier Hearing Center wants patients to understand how they may use hearing aids to improve their quality of life, so we offer a printable guide called the Guide to Better Hearing. The guide can be downloaded and printed free of charge. People who would like to learn even more about improving their hearing can contact Premier Hearing Center for an appointment. During the appointment, customers can expect to meet with Premier Hearing Center staff members who are equipped to discuss available hearing solutions. An interview is conducted to assess the needs of the patient. Not every hearing solution is suitable for everyone, so options are individualized for each patient.

Premier Hearing Center services include hearing aid sales, repairs and evaluations. As a renowned distributor of quality hearing aids, Premier Hearing Center helps patients find the best hearing aid for their condition. In addition, we employ hearing aid specialists who can repair damaged hearing aids so that patients are able to hear clearly again. We also evaluate hearing aids to ensure that they are functioning at optimal levels for our patients. Some of our patients are uncertain of the level of hearing loss they have suffered. At Premier Hearing Center, we offer professional auditory testing to assess the needs of our clients.

  • "Dr. Taylor gave the best hearing exam I've ever had. She was very thorough and consistent. She gave a great explanation of the results."


  • "I had procrastinated because I didn't think hearing aids would help---Well they did!!!!"


  • "Dr. Ballachanda is the most professional audiologist I have ever met. His thoroughness and superb training inspire great confidence."


  • "Cathy Jackson is a great new audiologist who joined Premier Hearing Center. I found her being very knowledgeable and pleasant when helping my needs. I am very pleased to have another audiologist who is as able as Dr. Ballachanda himself."

    Thomas G. Faber

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